Stop Tearing Down Our History

In 2018, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and her cronies on City Council announced they would tear down a statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir. John A. Macdonald, without public consultation and without public debate.

Just 48 hours later, the statue was gone.

Is this really what political correctness has come to? Expunging our history? Erasing our past? Toppling a monument to the father of confederation, who united us, built our country and delivered on the audacious promise of a national railway?

And activists haven’t stop there.

Continuing their calls for statues to be removed across the country in 2020, including George Vancouver’s, Matthew Begbie’s and even Winston Churchill’s.

This unilateral uprooting of Canada’s historic monuments and national symbols is wrong.

We, the undersigned, call on Canada’s politicians to reject the example set by the City of Victoria, and leave Canada’s history, and monuments, alone.

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