Scrap the Carbon Tax

Gasoline prices in British Columbia (and across the country) are out of control.

On April 4th, prices in Vancouver reached as high as $1.67/litre – shattering the all-time record.

This followed the NDP government’s decision to hike the BC Carbon Tax for the sixth time, on top of all the existing taxes you already pay at the pumps.

Excise taxes, transit taxes, sales taxes and now carbon taxes together inflate the price of gas by as much as 50 cents/litre.

And while many of these levies are, at least in theory, supposed to go toward maintaining roads and building transit, the Carbon tax, on the other hand, has the sole purpose of punishing you for driving. This is ridiculous.

Someone driving themselves to work or their kids to school should not be the target of government punishment and contempt.

We, the undersigned, call on the provincial and federal governments to scrap the punitive Carbon Tax immediately. With gas prices at record highs, hard-working British Columbians are already being punished enough at the pumps, the last thing they need is a double-dosing from their own government.

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