Keep Huawei out of Canada

It’s time for Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt to resign.

Over the past two years, Isitt has embarrassed the city (and himself) over and over again. Ignoring the concerns of his constituents in order to pursue his own radical ideology.

In just the past 24 months he has:

  • Cheered the removal Sir John A. Macdonald statue at City Hall
  • Targeted Victoria’s Christmas decorations (including Christmas trees and poinsettias) for their potential to be exclusive and/or offensive
  • Supported an attempt to sue oil and gas companies for the hypothetical costs of climate change
  • Attacked the city’s iconic horse-drawn carriages and attempted to shut them down
  • Insulted Canada’s veterans, by referring to the Invictus Games as “arguably… glorifying militarism”
  • Spearheaded an effort to defund the city’s Remembrance Day service by withholding their police budget
  • Blamed criticism of his actions on the “corporate media”, “conservative political organizations”, and even the “alt-right”
  • Told the CBC the real lesson of World War II was one “of fighting back against conservative forces”

Enough is enough.

We, the undersigned, call on Victoria City Councillor Ben Isitt to resign his position immediately. His actions do not represent the will of his constituents nor the platform he campaigned on.

Victorians deserve a representative who addressees the concerns of the community – not one who pursues his own narrow ideology at everyone else’s expense.

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