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  • Scrap the Carbon Tax!

    Hard-working Canadians are already being punished enough at the pumps. The last thing they need is a double dosing from their own government.

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  • Protect Freedom of Speech in Canada

    Bill C-10 from the Trudeau Government poses an existential threat to free speech and free expression. It must be stopped.

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  • Keep Huawei out of Canada

    Companies like Huawei, that are controlled by or beholden to the Chinese Communist Party, must not be allowed to infect Canada’s critical telecom infrastructure.

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  • End the ICBC Monopoly

    British Columbians pay more for auto insurance than anywhere else in the country. It’s time for the government monopoly to go.

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  • End Lifetime Expense Allowance for Governor Generals

    Everyday Canadians don’t get to keep claiming expenses after they’ve left their jobs. So why are we still paying the Governor General?

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  • Leave Canada’s Anthem Alone

    Canada’s national anthem is part of our country’s history and identity. It belongs to the Canadian people - not our politicians.

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